activities for families & kids


We want to give an unforgettable experience to the little ones of the families!

If you are between 8 and 10 and you want to try diving, this is your chance! We will take you first in the swimming pool and then in the sea to a maximum depth of 2m.

You will experience diving for the first time and will see all the beauty of the underwater world.

Bubblemaker briefing + swimming pool: 25 euros
Bubblemaker briefing + swimming pool + beach dive: 65 euros
(insurance included)

Seal Team:

For the youngsters that want to get certified!

Completing 5 Aquamissions ( 5 fun dives all in the swimming pool to a maximum depth of 4 m), you will earn you PADI Seal Team certification.

It's the perfect course to learn how to be comfortable underwater and also how to be responsible for the preparation of your diving equipment.
(all under the very close supervision of an Instructor and parents).

Seal Team: 299 euros (including insurance, teaching materials and full diving equipment)


It's the perfect activity for the all family!

If you want to get close to the underwater world… but from the surface, this is for you.

We will take all your family to the fantastic snorkeling spots of Ibiza.

Our guide will brief you about the equipment and safety. The guide will be with you the whole time to make sure that your snorkeling experience is unforgettable!
No minimum age requirement.

snorkeling trip: 39 euros